23 April 2024 By Jonathan

Dive into Data: The French Innovation Revolutionizing Your Swimming Pool Analysis with Flipr AnalysR

With summer temperatures rising, having a swimming pool at home is a real luxury. But you also need to think about its maintenance to fully enjoy the joys of swimming without worry. This is where the Flipr AnalysR, an innovative and connected water analysis device for swimming pools that makes your life easier while ensuring impeccable water quality.

Features of Flipr AnalysR

The Flipr AnalysR offers a range of features allowing a complete and precise analysis of your water:

  • Real-time analysis: The device continuously measures key parameters such as pH, chlorine and temperature.
  • Predictive technology: Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, it anticipates future variations so that you can act before a problem even arises.
  • Personalized alerts and advice: The dedicated mobile application sends you notifications to inform you of the state of your water and advise you on the actions to take.
  • Compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa: Control your Flipr AnalysR by voice using Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.
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The Flipr mobile app

The device comes with a mobile application available on iOS and Android. The latter allows you to view the data collected by the Flipr AnalysR in real time, but also to receive alerts if a parameter falls outside the optimal threshold. In the event of an anomaly, the application tells you the actions to take to correct the problem quickly.

The advantages of the mobile application:

  • Real-time tracking: Access the data collected by your device from anywhere via an internet connection.
  • History of measurements: Consult the history of analyzes carried out to follow the evolution of the quality of your water.
  • Weather trend: Take note of local weather forecasts to anticipate variations in your chemical treatments.

Price and purchase without subscription

With a price of around €400, the Flipr AnalysR is positioned as a high-end solution for those who wish to enjoy quality water without worrying about maintenance constraints. The device is available for purchase without a subscription, allowing you to benefit from all its features at no additional cost.

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Advantages over traditional analyzers

The Flipr AnalysR offers several advantages over traditional water analyzers:

  • Accuracy and reliability: Thanks to its advanced technology, the Flipr AnalysR provides more precise measurements than traditional manual tests.
  • Ease of use : No more strips and other test kits, the device does everything for you and clearly shows you the actions to take.
  • Predictive analysis: Anticipate issues with predictive technology that detects future variations based on past and current data.
  • Connectivity: Control your device from anywhere with the dedicated mobile app and receive alerts in case of problems.

French made

The icing on the cake: the Flipr AnalysR is designed and manufactured in France. This local production guarantees impeccable product quality while contributing to national economic development. In addition, this ensures responsive and efficient after-sales service if necessary.

To conclude

With its advanced features, connectivity and ease of use, the Flipr AnalysR is an essential solution for all pool owners wishing to enjoy always impeccable water. Its predictive technology and mobile application make it a smart device that makes your life easier while ensuring optimal water quality.