23 April 2024 By Jonathan

Decoding Business Success: The 10 Essential Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2024

The world of entrepreneurship is constantly evolving and it is essential to stay informed with the latest trends and tips to succeed in this field. Podcasts are a great way to learn while staying mobile, whether you’re on the move or working out. Here is our selection of the best podcasts to listen to in 2024 to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.

1. StartUp Podcast

Created by Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, StartUp Podcast offers an honest look at what it really takes to build a business. By sharing their own experiences as well as those of other entrepreneurs, they address all aspects of starting a business, including failures and successes. This podcast is ideal if you’re looking for realistic and authentic inspiration.

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2. The Ed Mylett Show

In The Ed Mylett Show, host Ed Mylett interviews some of the brightest minds in the entrepreneurial world to share their insights with his audience. The podcast covers various topics such as motivation, leadership and innovation. The guests’ practical advice and inspiring stories make this podcast a must-have for any budding entrepreneur.

3. The Indicator from Planet Money

Produced by NPR, The Indicator from Planet Money is a daily podcast that delivers relevant, easy-to-understand business news. Each episode covers a specific topic related to economics or business, making it a great resource for entrepreneurs who want to stay informed on global economic trends.

4. Entrepreneurs of the world

Entrepreneurs of the world is a podcast dedicated to female entrepreneurship. Hosted by several female entrepreneurs, it highlights the successes and challenges faced by women in the business world. This podcast is aimed at both women and men interested in diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurial environment.

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5. WorkLife with Adam Grant

In WorkLife with Adam Grant, bestselling author and professor of organizational psychology Adam Grant explores different aspects of professional life to help his listeners better understand how they can improve their work and professional relationships. Themes covered include business ethics, creativity and management.

6. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

For those looking to grow their business online, The Smart Passive Income Podcast is a valuable resource. Hosted by Pat Flynn, a successful digital marketing entrepreneur, this podcast offers practical advice on creating passive income through various online strategies.

7. The Life Coach School Podcast

Hosted by Brooke Castillo, The Life Coach School Podcast focuses on self-improvement and personal motivation to help entrepreneurs succeed both professionally and personally. Each episode addresses a different aspect of personal development and offers concrete tools to achieve your goals.

8. Call Me Candid

In Call Me Candid, entrepreneurs Haley Pham and Lilly Ann discuss a variety of topics related to entrepreneurship, wellness and interpersonal relationships. Their honest and unfiltered approach allows them to tackle topics that are often taboo or little-known in the entrepreneurial world, providing a refreshing perspective to listeners.

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9. Masters of Scale

Masters of ScaleEdit, hosted by Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn), explores the secrets behind the rapid and sustainable growth of the world’s most successful companies. Interviews with prestigious guests such as Mark Zuckerberg or Sheryl Sandberg provide a wealth of valuable information for any entrepreneur wishing to accelerate their growth.

10. Marketing Secrets

Finally, Marketing Secrets, hosted by Russell Brunson (co-founder of ClickFunnels), is a must-have podcast for entrepreneurs who want to improve their marketing strategy. Each episode reveals proven tips and techniques for attracting and retaining customers, particularly using digital marketing and social networks.

It is now a certainty: to succeed as an entrepreneur in 2024, it is crucial to stay informed of the latest trends and continually learn from the best in the field. Podcasts are a convenient way to do this while staying mobile. Don’t hesitate to explore these recommended podcasts to boost your motivation, develop your entrepreneurial skills and increase the success of your business.